"There is no must in art because art is free." ~ Wassily Kandinsky

For me, painting is a place to play with color, shape and texture.  I grew up in the beautiful hills of New England and spent my childhood collecting rocks and lichen, making flower crowns, walking the beach in search of shells and spending hours arranging those natural treasures on shelves and window sills in my room.  Enchantment with the natural world and the meditative process of putting colors next to each other is where I enter my flow state - it is an intuitive unfolding where the lines between work and play dissolve and creation emerges.

I work from my studio on the property of our home in the hills of Northwest Connecticut where I live with my husband and our two young sons, Leo & Beau.  The nature that surrounds us and the sense of wonder and curiosity that my children constantly exude are strong sources of inspiration in my work.

In addition to the abstract artwork you see here, for over a decade my husband and I have run our business, Snoogs & Wilde, where we offer Giclee art prints of my watercolor illustrations (snoogsandwilde.com).